My order was cancelled but the money isn't in my account.




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    Sarah H Thurston

    Hi I ordered a delivery on The 2bd March 18 which I ordered 3 times but sadly no driver available looking at my account just now I see 3 x -£55.77 taken and only 1 x 55.77 put back in my account why when they wete all cancelled and i never had a delivery, where has that money gone this isnt fair, my order numbers were 87678 87636 and 87508 although that was only £52 + but 3 lots of 55.77 taken only one back??? My name is Sarah Thurston or 52 Barnsley Road Wombwell Barnsley S73 8DJ please can you advise that's £111.54 missing from my account regards Sarah Thurston

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    Liam Hool

    Hi I understand this may take longer than normal but would a appreciate a refund ASAP

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